Mallock Cottage Dog Rules An additional charge of £50 is made for a dog this is added to your booking as an extra charge. Many of our guests to our 5 star holiday cottage will not be dog lovers and may have allergies; we also live next door where we run a 5 star pet free B&B so we need to ensure all guests are considered while you stay with us. The surrounding Country Park has miles of dog friendly walks where they can be let off the lead but please ensure you respect the countryside code as some areas have farm animals and horses. We must be informed if you are bringing a dog with you. If you arrive with a dog extra to your booking information, a charge of £100 will be due. The cottage garden area does not have dog proof fences and we own cats so your dog must be on a lead when outside in the garden. Out of consideration to our other guests, you must keep your dog under control and on a lead while entering or leaving the property. To maintain the peaceful ambiance of the setting, dogs must not be allowed to bark unreasonably and there must be strictly no barking after 10.00 or before 09.00. Dogs are not to have free run of the property. We wish to maintain the highest standards for our accommodation, so dogs are not allowed in the bedrooms, on the furniture, and especially not in the beds. Please bring their bed or a dog blanket for their comfort. Pick up after your dog both at the property and while walking in the surrounding country park. Dispose of it in an outside bin. We provide some poo-bags in the cottage, so please make use of them. There is a charge of £50 if we have to pick up after your dog. If you are bringing a puppy you must bring along a crate or a cage with you. It is not acceptable that they cope with their teething by chewing on our furniture or soft furnishings! Any damage caused or replacements needed, will be at your expense. Please make sure the cottage is reasonably clean including dog hair from soft furnishings, rugs and carpets, before you leave; the requirement for any additional cleaning will mean an additional £50 fee to cover the cost of extra cleaning time Made with Xara Web Designer